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Default Re: What villains are left for a 4th film?

Agreed, even the build up was solid. The final battle remains the best climax of the series.
Originally Posted by SpideyFan866 View Post
But yeah, at this point, Unicron and Galvatron are the most sensible choices. However, bringing in Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime would be a whole other story. It would mean killing Optimus off "permanently" again and that went over SOOOOOO well when they did it in 1986.
1986 might be coming around again. Sounds like they are brining a whole new Robot cast, hasbro needs to sell toys haha. I would say best bet is Transformers The Movie crew minus Arcee. Def need Grimlock and Hot Rod. If they dont that would be a huge mistake. Without Prime and Bee I think those two along with Ultra Magnus are the only ones who are even a small fraction of being as Marketable.

Hope Optimus shows up somewhere. Maybe they finally ran out of ideas on how to stop him from fighting then saving everyone last minute haha.

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