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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by redhawk23 View Post
On the Empire podcast Snyder has some interesting comments about why he pushed for the ending that the film has.

Basically he felt that there was no real establishment for Superman's absolute aversion to killing.

He sought to put Superman into that impossible no when scenario and force him to make a decision of what to in that situation. His act didn't just take the life of that individual but it was very much a final rejection of Krypton.

Along with creating an identifiable history and motive for Superman's code going forward it also creates a situation for the viewer where death is not entirely off the table. It sounds like they don't plan on having Superman kill anyone, but it is a situation now where it is an actual choice of the character rather than an assumed element based on our expectations (kind of like how you always know the protagonist will survive). It now avoids that kind of situation.
I guess thats kind of cool. Next time he's in that situation fans, like Mark Waid, will be like oh no not again, only to have Superman solve the issue with no casualties or, not kill the bad guy, only to have te bad kill the innocent Superman wanted to protect.

I love it. Im engaged.

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