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Default Re: How Superman Resolved the Issue of Zod *MEGA SPOILER*

Originally Posted by Hcmarvel View Post
Superman is absolutely held to a higher standard than Iron Man. Superman is, in hero terms, the polar opposite of The Punisher. They are the two ends of the spectrum basically. The same way I wouldn't buy it if Punisher failed to killed a Child Molester in a scene, I fail to buy Superman killing.

Whatever, we won't ever agree on this one.

One last thing - That Snyder interview you reference is, I think, a perfect showing of why I don't trust Snyder to handle this killing issue. The idea that every time Superman gets in the a fight, the audience knows "Well...he miiiiiiight kill that guy" is not the character. Not one bit. The fun with Superman stories is specifically seeing how he is going to win the day without killing someone. That's the point of the character. But that's not "kewl" these days. So cracked neck it is.

And again, how exactly is this Superman learning and creating his "don't ever kill" rule? What about the act of killing Zod didn't work? It didn't make the world not trust him. It didn't send him into an emotional tailspin. What was the downside of killing? All he learned was that killing works, and really, he should have killed Zod immediately.
I think that unfortunately, Zack's involvement in the writing hurt the tone. He should just direct the next one

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