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Default Re: Zach Snyder plans to speak with Frank Miller for MoS Sequel

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
It'll be fine. Superman wont be anyone's chump. Maybe for a moment with Batman but it wont last. He wont be a government puppet or look stupid.
I think it seems pretty illogical for Snyder to say all this stuff about how Superman is the "king daddy" of superheroes and the greatest and what not, and then suddenly make him out to be Batman's ***** so he can steal the spotlight.

No doubt Superman will get his ass kicked though. And of course he still needs conflict, but I think they can find a good balance.

Though here's what worries me more about Snyder meeting with Miller:

I don't want this to be overly dark and cynical. MOS was somber as it is, and I don't want it to go further. But if anything, hopefully they can play up and develop's Superman's lighter side more in contrast to Batman's edge.

Also, I'm really thinking more of Snyder's trademarks are going to be here. I mean the slo mo. Because of MOS's success and his history with WB, I'm thinking he's gonna go all out with this, which means not be as restrained as he was like MOS. It's possible he could pull a Tim Burton and let his style in more. Or not.

But honestly, we don't know what the hell Snyder is asking Miller about. Though him going to Miller is awfully specific. So it's not unreasonable to think the possibilities Snyder could be playing at. Snyder said they're not adapting it directly, it's just helping them, so for all we know he could be asking Miller how to approach Batman and Superman in the context of their story. How related or unrelated it is to TDKR we don't know.

So really, just calm down people. I wouldn't start worrying until we see, you know, footage.

I can see the marketing/merchandise already though: "Who's Side Are YOU On?"

Originally Posted by socool View Post
If this was directed at me, I don't come here just to bad mouth the movie, I come here to discuss any new and relevant news. The new and relevant news just so happened to be ****.

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