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Default Re: List of Things Batman Returns got Right/Wrong

For starters he cracked The Joker's poison code and deduced who he really was in the first film by looking into the man's criminal profile and experimenting by combining diffirent beauty products. In the second he found out the true intentions behind The Penguin's plan we see scenes prior to this where you see him figuring it out whether in the batcave or while he is patrolling. He also found out the truth behind Max Schreck's nuclear power plant suggestion. Just because he didn't have a trenchcoat, a magnifying glass and a pipe in his mouth while he figured this out and we didn't see him go "AHA! elemantary!!!" doesn't mean he didn't do detective work.

As for your latter post Alan Moore can't stand the works of Frank Miller including his Batman stuff. Richard Donner, Jeph Loeb and Mark Waid are amongst many who hated what John Byrne did with Superman in the mid 80's leading into the 90's. Does that mean their works were not true to the essence and many themes of the mythos they worked on? absolutely not it just means that all these creators are human beings just like us who also have their own opinions.

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