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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
1. No, Just no.

2. Optimus wasn't even there for most of the film and his actions scenes towards the end were too short

3. Transformers doesn't really count as a superhero film.

And as good as Superman II is, it could've been so much better than it was, which was highlighted by the production problems.
ok since it's my opinion, i respectfully disagree that you say "no no no" which i'm not. it's what i think is number 1, so it's not like you're going to change my opinion. as for points 2 and 3, it doesnt matter how much optimus is in it as the scenes he was in i enjoyed more than anything really in spider-man 2 as that was the movie that i bumped out of my top five as that movie i think is way over rated. transformers is in the SUPERHEROhype forum and it's in the superhero genre, so i don't really think it's out of the question to put that in there. they have the power to transform if that helps lol.

finally, as for what superman II could have been, i actually agree with you on this. i really would like an ultimate superman II version of the film that will never happen. there are qualities that i like in both films. i absolutely hate the lois shooting clark in the donner cut but i do enjoy the clark depowering scene where he talks to jor el and when jor el ultimately gives him his powers back. those are really the only two scenes that are memorable to me so i would have to go with the lester cut as the only scene really despise is the ripping the s off the chest and making it a net. hmm, i do like the scene with lois and superman talking at the end of the donner cut. ok, i'm torn on that but this isn't a superman forum lol. but even with those problem, i still consider it better than spider-man 2 and that didn't have production problems.

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