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Default Re: Will this really be a better film?

Hey guys new here but I'll throw my input in on the new film:

1. I'm very excited to see how the Japan story is approached. I'm not in the category of people who didn't care much for Origins. I do admit their where parts I felt where convulted or too rushed in some instances but overall I was pretty happy with the film.

2. I would actually like to see some reference to Wolverine's mask in this new film. Granted I could understand Singers reasons for not including it in the original X Men movie but I think,they could approach it tastefully. i don't even think you have to even put the mask On Jackman. Show some suit of Samurai armor that includes a helmet that distantly "echoes" what the character wears in the comic books. Another character explains what this particular mask represents and find a clever way to tie it into the films plot and Wolverines emotional state at the time. Yadda,yadda,yadda.

3. I think by this time in Wolverines movie history fans,even one's not familiar with the comic know enough about him from the films alone to not have to bulg this down with all sorts of back story. Strip away all the history the past films have built up and just make this about a man and how he's the best at what he does. Simply put, make this about Wolverine and nothing but.

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