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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

Originally Posted by TheDragonator View Post
Actually, no they don't. The Amazing Spider-Man game was only just revealed at NYCC this past month.

You obviously did not read my entire post (or did not understand it if you did). Spidermans coding has been writen for years already from previous games.

Example: UFC Undisputed 2009 took over 2 years to make, writing the code can take anywhere from 5-12 months alone. It also depends on what engine they use, if they want to speed up the process they can licence the Unreal Engine for example. UFC 2010 was finished in 8 months, once the coding is writen, then they can start making the game. Same with sports games such as Madden. The first installment took almost 3 years to make for 360 , after the coding was writen they were popping them out yearly.

Since the coding has not been writen for a Sups game yet, expect an announcement way earlier then your Spidy game (as to Film release to game ratio).

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