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Default Re: I Believe in Harvey Dent... Three years later.

Originally Posted by Damianwayne View Post
Harvey Dent is dead . People are looking way to much into things. And people who say dent/two-face was killed of to early and sisnt impact enough was not watching the same movie as me. His charecter was the whole base of the story . He was the jokers biggest joke. He took the white knight of gotham and turned him into a madman hell bent on revenge. I dont think dents story is finishrd but dent is . He is the focus of the whole god damn film. The struggle between good and evil is played out by one charecter. I for one hope he is dead bit they will be using dent as a major part in the next film in as bane will use him as a focus in his war on batman and gotham and im pretty sure i've seen pics of bane holding up one of the i believe in harvy dent posters.. In short anyone who thinks dent/two-face was undervalued by Nolan really has to re-watch the film and see that nolan has build his whole ethos of the story around him imo.

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