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Default "Please Don't Turn Down my Music": The Iron Man 3 Composer Thread

So we don't have a composer yet for this movie, do we? If it was Favs directing I assume it'd be John Debney again since he's pretty keen on him but it's Black this time around. Perhaps he'll stick with John Ottman from KKBB, who's even already had a history composing superhero movies (X2, Superman Returns, both F4 films)?

Until we find out, who do you think should do it? Personally, I wouldn't be opposed to Ramin Djawadi returning. I know some people didn't like that it wasn't "iconic" or anything but I loved it, mostly because it was very visceral. It just fit every moment so well- highlights for me include the flight test with Mk II (really made the moment feel more sort of "magical") and the dogfight/"Gulmira" (made the action moments feel extra "**** yeah"). I was humming it for days afterward.

I just wasn't as big a fan of Debney's in IM2. There are tracks I like on my own ("Ivan's Metamorphosis," "Sledgehammer," "New Element") but it felt a little shallow in the movie's context rather than further investing me into what was going on. I do like Debney in general, but his IM2 score just wasn't my cup of tea.

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