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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by terry78 View Post
You know how much it would cost to have Hulk onscreen for all that time? They'd need pull like Cameron does in order to maintain that much CG for a couple hours. The question is would they spend the money.
Oh yea no doubt it would be a lot, but considering it probably won't come out for 4 years at the earliest it will be cheaper to do than it would be now are pushing mo-cap further and further so the technology is way cheaper and easier to do than say when they made Norton's hulk movie.

And the nice thing is that it is basically a standalone it wouldn't necessarily have to come before or after any of the other Phase 3 films and they make sure it's done correctly.

A Ruffalo Hulk movie vs The Leader and another villain is much more likely, but a Planet Hulk adaptation for the MCU would be incredible if they could pull it off.

But obviously them doing it would be tied to how phase 2 goes, all the Hulk films have disappointed at the Box Office..and this is different enough to maybe change that...but it would be risky for sure.

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