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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

I can't believe more people aren't jumping on the fact that Singer declared these two in the movie when they were barely even approached about it. No signed contracts? No details, no scripts, no bloody FILMING dates?

Seems to me like Singer "let the cat out of the bag" for attention to his Twitter and nothing more (he complained to a temp a little over a month ago that he "didn't have enough followers". He had a little over 3,000 then. Now I think it's over 10,000). If the script is "finalized" and the time traveler is old!Charles and Patrick Stewart opts not to come back based on financial dispute or scheduling conflict, what is Singer planning to do? Do a quick rewrite? Or is he so arrogant that he just assumed Stewart/McKellen will say yes no matter what?

Filming begins in 4 months. Cutting this all pretty close. And the closer we get to it, it does indeed seem like a big Singer & Friends reunion. "Hey Bryan, what am I going to be doing in this film?" "LOL I dunno yet Ian but there's got to be room for you somewhere buddy!"
It'd be nice to hear what some of the FIRST CLASS folk know or feel about this film.

I will never understand the massive fanboy crowd with their endless love for Singer. There are so many better directors and comic directors out there. He should not be left in charge of the creative aspects (or hiring aspects, apparently) of a film.

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