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Another user published some "Krypton spoilers", but this does seems completely fake

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
The movie starts with a battle on Krypton between Krypton’s armed forces and soldiers loyal to Zod.

Zod is holding members of the Science Council hostage, ordering them to find proof of Krypton’s impending doom.

Jor-El, a member of the Science Council that wasn’t captured tells the leader of the armed forces that he will attempt to talk to Zod.

Jor-El and Zod talk in private, but it becomes clear that Zod won’t listen to reason, so he and Jor-el begin to fight.

Jor-El is hopelessly outmatched but he keeps Zod busy long enough for the armed forces to enter the building and take capture Zod’s crew and then Zod. Faora, Zod’s second in command escapes.

Zod pleads with Jor-El to find proof that Krypton is in danger which he later does. He tells the leaders of Krypton that the Coluan did something to Krypton’s core and that the planet has to be evacuated.

The Council dismiss him and sentence Zod to imprisonment in the Black Zone. They warn Jor-El not to do anything rash, as civilian space travel is banned on Krypton.

Jor-El doesn’t listen and begins making a spaceship in secret. It is completed on the day that Zod is to be imprisoned in the Black Zone.

Faora stages a prison break and stages an escape with Zod and his military group, Black Zero. Their plan is to get on the Black Zero spaceship and leave Krypton. Only Zod and Faora make it to the ship alive.

Just before the ship leaves Krypton, the leaders order that Zod is stopped at any cost and the whole ship is sent to the Black Zone.

While this is happening, Jor-El and Lara say goodbye to Kal-El. They don’t know where he’ll end up or if he’ll even survive but they have no other choice.

The leaders learn what Jor-El has done and order a public hearing with him at once while Lara is placed under house arrest.

Because Zod was not given a public imprisonment, the leaders decide to punish Jor-El in public to make an example out of him.

During his hearing Jor-El lashes out at the leaders, claiming that their arrogance has doomed Krypton.

Before he can be silenced tremors start to occur and everyone begins panicking, but the leaders are adamant that it’s just a ploy by Jor-El and Zod.

They give out orders that no one is allowed to board any vessels and that any attempt to do so will be met by lethal force, but the tremors get worse and people start trying to escape.

Eradicator droids begin gunning down anyone attempting to escape. In all the chaos and confusion Jor-EL manages to send one scout ship to follow his son with just one message.

When the leaders realize that they were wrong, they try to shut down Eradicator droids but they don’t obey. Instead they go on a rampage.

The droids enter Jor-El’s home and kills the Kryptonian officer that was with Lara.

Jor-El tries to reach Lara before Krypton is completely gone but the planet explodes just before he reaches her and before the droid can kill her.

Jor-El and Lara die separately.

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