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Default Re: The 2013 Presidential Inauguration

Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
I think the next candidate, including the Republican candidate...has to either be vetted beyond all things like a Hillary Clinton, or unvetted and comes in pretty much a total unknown all the way to the election like an Obama because a status quo candidate like Romney will never make ever again.

For many voters, like myself, I think the first choice will be the more viable choice. I do not want a virtual unknown, with no experience EVER AGAIN.
Romney was never going to make it, and frankly besides the forgone age of before television, he would never have be President. He's too rigid, not relate-able and kind of a prick, something I've heard Thomas Jefferson and Quincy Adams were, but since television natural charisma and likeability factor are much larger components of candidate selection.

Sometimes the rigid or unelectable candidates make good VPs because voters like the idea of having someone who seems stable and almost dorky in that role. Like the proverbial Watson to the President's Sherlock Holmes.

If Clinton runs, I likely suspect she'd be the nominee. If Christie runs, I suspect he could be the Republican nominee. I am a Democrat, so I'd probably vote for Clinton if she runs, but I like Chris Christie, especially because he's kind of an a** to the right people (*cough* Congress) and I think he'd make them feel like they'd get their clock cleaned if they crossed him. I suspect he'd make a solid President, emphasis on solid.

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