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Default Re: The 2013 Presidential Inauguration

Originally Posted by terry78 View Post
You don't want him to be another Taft, where tacked on pork is literally pork.
If Taft is any forewarning about what to expect then Christie will get stuck in the bathtub in the Lincoln bedroom. It's not designed with fatties in mind. Our SS used to have to help Taft out of tubs from time to time.
Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
I would vote for Clinton in a Clinton/Christie race, even though I actually really like Christie a lot. I hope that he looses at least some weight. I don't mind if he is overweight, but he has to loose some...

I wanted Clinton in 2008, and I haven't changed my mind, if anything she has locked that in my mind with her time as Secretary of State.

To be honest though, over the last few weeks, and if it continues in this almost looks like this administration is getting Biden ready for a run at it. The amount of responsibility that he has been given in the last 3 weeks eclipses the entire first 4 years.
I worked for Clinton and my cousin currently works for her in the State Department. So if it were Clinton/Christie I'd vote Clinton. I'm hoping it'll be one or the other.

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