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Default Re: The Rank and Rate Man of Steel thread

Originally Posted by \S/JcDc\S/ View Post
Give motown some time to process his thoughts and state why he feels that way. Perhaps he is just tired after the buildup to the event and then seeing it/disliking it has him a bit perplexed to expand on his thoughts.
Yeah, he seems pretty hurt by it...and I can honestly understand some of that....I could see some ardent Superman fans really taking issue with some of the reinterpretations in this story version. But as much as I want Superman fans to enjoy their material, as a film I think I'm pretty fair in finding it serviceable but ultimately rather forgettable. There amongst a crowd, but not a standout.

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Originally Posted by Matt
Plus, is the infatuation that teenage girls have with pseudo-vampires any less sad than your infatuation with men in spandex and Heath Ledger? Its probably more justifiable for them. :)
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