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Default Re: The Rank and Rate Man of Steel thread

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
No. Somehow, in trying to get 'away' finally from the Donner vision (which I applaud them for doing), it further cemented STM up there as the definitive Superman movie (thus far). Even in being as old as it is. This movie felt more like a guest-starring episode.

Keep in mind...I liked a lot of the story ideas in MOS...but the delivery was just very choppy and non-resonant. And that's what Donner's did in spades, even with primitive effects and campiness....embed the 'mythology', so to speak.
to each it owns.

STM n SII are excellent but just too much campiness and too silly the villains.

i have a tough time to decide on Cavill and Reeve though. and that speaks a lot.

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