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Default Re: The Rank and Rate Man of Steel thread

Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
and how about General Zod? he was written so much better than STM n SII.
i think General Zod is a tragic character. he did all he can to protect Krypton... and then went all the way to find clark to revive Krypton. and he failed in the end.
somehow i feel sorry for him. when he realised that he had failed and left alone. the frustration and the anger...

the ending is so emotional for me... i almost cried for him. lol
Again, I liked the story ideas as concepts...but I felt they were let down by the execution. As one poster here put it, Zod/Shannon did get a bit silly with the "activate the neutron ionizer" stuff. Basically, both he and Jor-El could have been a lot more interesting if their pasts didn't have to be sped through to get to the Superman stuff.

Zod wasn't necessarily badly done, but felt kinda' underdeveloped for the sake of playing the bad guy.

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Originally Posted by Matt
Plus, is the infatuation that teenage girls have with pseudo-vampires any less sad than your infatuation with men in spandex and Heath Ledger? Its probably more justifiable for them. :)
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