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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post
Sometimes that's all there is to it. Doesn't always have to be a deep, "profound" reason for the WHY of something, it's just the way it is. Superman wears red and blue. Why those colors? I don't know, but he has to have them. Getting rid of the undies was stupid and unnecessary but the look they went with was still good overall and looked more like Superman than the last suit so I was okay with it. Plus they already did it in the New 52 but the MOS suit, unlike the NU52 suit, actually looks good and is not complete ****.

Superman has dark hair. Clark Kent wears glasses. If all you want to do is change the characters and you can't be happy with simple things like that, why would you even bother touching them in the first place?
you preferred the costume that took more creative liberties to the one that took less creative liberties? And the new 52 thing, if the comics are allowed to make changes, then why the hell can't film makers make changes? it's a different medium, and has to handle the characters slightly differently, I like that they don't make the characters carbon copies of what they are in the comics. as for changing them in the first place, I'm not saying they should make Superman blonde in the first place, if you'd actually payed attention to my post you'd have noticed that. and you're sidestepping the actual debate, restricting Lex to white actors limits your casting choices for the sake of preserving a physical trait that isn't even that iconic in the first place (if it's iconic at all)

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