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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by KillerMcQueen View Post
you preferred the costume that took more creative liberties to the one that took less creative liberties?
I preferred the suit that looked more like the "classic" Superman. Superman returns suit was probably one of, if not the worst live action Superman suit I have ever seen. They may have used the "outline" of the traditional look but they reeaaallly stretched it as far as that basic design would allow them so much so that I barely count it as a Superman suit. The MOS suit, while it is missing the undies and has the lines running over it, looks much more like Superman than the SR suit to me, easily.

And the new 52 thing, if the comics are allowed to make changes, then why the hell can't film makers make changes?
Comics can make changes that are good, and so can the movies. Making Luthor black and Superman blonde, those are not good changes to me, completely unnecessary, and should be left alone. Same goes for much of the NU52 to me for that matter. I hate the changes to the Superman suit. But I'm saying the MOS suit is more reverent of the classic look than what is in the comics right now, so I am OKAY with that.

it's a different medium, and has to handle the characters slightly differently, I like that they don't make the characters carbon copies of what they are in the comics.
Not asking for carbon copies, just asking that they keep the mainstays of the characters in tact, most of the things that I always thought went without saying.

as for changing them in the first place, I'm not saying they should make Superman blonde in the first place, if you'd actually payed attention to my post you'd have noticed that.
I'm not accusing you of wanting that, if anything I'm "accusing" you of approving of that, if you can say that at all.

and you're sidestepping the actual debate, restricting Lex to white actors limits your casting choices for the sake of preserving a physical trait that isn't even that iconic in the first place (if it's iconic at all) is "iconic". That is what Lex Luthor looks like. He is white. Therefore a white guy must play him. It is unnecessary to get someone of a different race, doesn't matter if they are the greatest actor in the planet. Unless they are going to make them that character (which they won't) then they are wrong for the part.

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