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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by Eddie Dean View Post
WHY??? I don't understand your logic!
Because it's the source material and it's a "different" character, assuming it's a "rebooted" version and not a retcon. A retcon would be pointless and I would be just as opposed to that as I am to pushing black Lex in the movie. It's unnecessary and it's NOT Lex Luthor.

Or maybe an actor is really talented and a perfect fit for Luthor, but it just happens that he's black?
Ain't no such thing. Lol. If he LOOKS NOTHING LIKE LUTHOR, then he is NOT a perfect pick for him! I don't care if Peter Dinklage can mimic Clancy Brown like a parrot, he's wrong for Lex Luthor because he looks nothing like him.

Get someone who's a good actor who looks like him. I don't know why this is so hard.

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