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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

I'm going to use my first post to rant a bit on the term "reshoot" as it has always irritated me. Every time the topic of additional shooting comes up for a film, people seem to start hand wringing with worry that the film is in dire straights.

As some have already mentioned, almost every film has some additional filming. It's a normal part of the film-making process. For some reason though "reshoots" has become the blanket term for this process when it's not truly accurate.

There are two types of additional filming that happens after principle photography on a film has wrapped. "Pick-ups", which is the accurate term for additional filming is when something needs to be filmed that could not for whatever reason be filmed during the principle shoot. Jaimie Alexander is a prime example, since she was injured she could not film all her material during principle photography and thus had to pick it up later. Another reason for pick-ups may be that during the editing stage it's realized new scenes or bridges between scenes that weren't in the script originally are needed to make an action/story point clearer or flow better. Essentially anything new or that wasn't able to be filmed in the first round of filming is called a Pick-Up.

Now reshoots are when there is a problem with the existing material that has already been shot and as the word describes needs to be done over again. It could be for any number of reasons, technical, continuity, performance, etc. It doesn't mean the entire film is in jeopardy just that certain things here or there may need to be fixed by shooting it over again. I suppose this why some people get worried when they hear "reshoot", they think if there's one thing wrong then everything must be wrong.

Anyway, end rant. Carry on folks.

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