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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by Weather Witch View Post
If Scott doesn't care one could argue if he (in the movies, mind you) was ever fit to be the leader anyway. If not would replacing him be truly disrespectful. Also even in X2 Storm was being build up as a leader, though much more subtle and I really did appriciate that.

There were the scenes where she was piloting the jet as well as:

"My name is Kurt--"
"Hush, he's a teleporter."

And people overall seemed to respect Storm is X2. A great example is the scene with Jean and Storm in the church when they are looking for Kurt. Ever noticed how Jean looks at Storm, while Storm is just standing there and raising her hands to make Nightcrawler come down?

If you want to go back further there is even:
"Hold on to something."

In X1 which sounded pretty good (if only Storm sounded like that all the time) and commanding as well. This scene by the way is also still my #1 proof that Halle Berry was not to blame for Storm in X1.
I agree with you completely.

But Halle is not to blame for which part of X1 Storm, She gets blamed for almost everything it's hard to keep track.

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