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Default Re: Classic Professor X: The Patrick Stewart Thread

Originally Posted by Farren View Post
Yeah I think Ratner was just there to follow Fox's marching orders. He showed up and filmed what he was told to. Had he cared to, he might have been able to throw his weight around with the story; directors often do that, and someone like Singer or Vaughn probably would have, at least to an extent. But that's why Fox wanted Ratner: to just film the script, even if it sucked.

Personally I think Xavier got it the worst in X3. Not because he died (he reaped what he sowed as far as I'm concerned), but because he was written like an arrogant jerk who took it upon himself to mess with Jean Grey's psyche when he was supposed to be her teacher, and who gave up on Scott instead of trying to help him. I'd love to see that addressed in DoFP with the two Xaviers agreeing to trying to change how all that went down. Not because I want Scott or Jean back, but because Xavier left such a crappy legacy behind in X3.
It's very telling that when Wolverine calls him out of it, he offers no real defense. He just tells Wolverine that he doesn't need to explain himself. I want Scott and Jean back. They got screwed over big time in X3, especially Scott. At least Jean got to be interesting in The Wolverine, Scott got nothing.

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