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Default Re: Goyer Admits They Didn't Plan How 'Reporter Clark Kent' Could Make Sense

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Actually Bruce getting back to Gotham made sense to me because we were shown in Begins that he has disguised himself, snuck on ships, walked on ice and is a ninja. We also saw people of high importance sneak into Gotham in trucks. To me it was always common sense. There's even concept art that shows Bruce walking the ice into Gotham. He "has a way to get in and out of the city" he says something like this to Selina. So it's all there. He's a master and he's also rich so he has connections. The only problem was that i understand how people wanted to see him actually get in.
I never said he wasn't capable of sneaking back into Gotham. What I was saying (or trying to say) was how it was presented in the film didn't make sense to me. Bruce was stranded in the middle of nowhere with no cash, no phone, and no idea where he was or where he would have to go to find a razor blade, let alone a plane or a ship. It requires a huge amount of suspension of disbelief to accept that he was able to get back to Gotham several hours before the bomb went off and find a way to sneak past security. The fact that he apparently had no trouble walking across an ocean of thin ice and had enough time to shave, put on a suit, find Selina, and use gasoline to paint a giant bat on the side of a bridge - all without being caught - just makes the situation even more unbelievable.

But the end of MOS? Perfect ending, but it doesnt make any sense seeing the Daily Planet stuff and the high spirits of everyone as if nothing happened. That's bad writing from Goyer even though the individual scene is executed well by both Snyder and Zimmer.
I thought it was cheesy. It works a lot better out of context.

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