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Default Re: Fire vs Ice...Human Torch vs Ice Man??? Please...

Originally Posted by Varient
To be clear:
"Iceman" "Controls Heat" in a localized area.

Everything he does involves being able to gather moisture from the air and freeze it.

Imagine how much water it takes to make an "Ice Slide" or heck,.. An "Ice Bat"
That amount of water, (which he pulls from the air), would easily cover the entire floor of an office building as moisture is normally distributed in atmosphere, (More near ocean,..less in desert, but you get the idea.)
Yet he's able to collect it quickly and either make an iceslide for transport, a tool for a fight or freeze you,.. all in less time than it takes to say it.

Are you aware of what it would take for a Machine to pull water out of air and produce an "ice Bat" in less than a second?
And he's more selective than the Torch.

Johnny can absorb and manip flame and heat.

Bobby can suck moisture from the air,.... or any nearby watersource without effecting anything else, control his own and any local temperture from ambiant to 100's below kelvan.

I'm not even going into the White Queen's spin on his powers.

If Johhny flies within range, Bobby just pulls the moisture and heat from around him,... he falls and does a mummy.
that is a great point!

Go Louisville Cardinals!!
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