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Default Re: IF Wolverine 3 happens,what should be the story of that movie?

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
The list was not the best. Old Man Logan would not be a possibility considering that it is contingent on having the entire MU at its disposal. The Savage Wolverine is not an option as Shanna the She Devil would not translate to the screen. Namely, the feminists would become with enraged with having a woman in a bikini running around for the entire film. Taking away the Jungle Woman aspect of the character - which has its roots in the exploitation films of the 70's and 80's, as well as some of the literature by Edgar Rice Burroughs-destroys the character, since it is built partly upon a novelty. And the Mystique/Wolverine storyline could not be fully adapted due to timeline issues; the writer mentions the two having past experiences together, but FC's timeline jettisons that possibility.
It did say "based on." Not "identical to."

I think an Old Man Logan type film is totally possible. Huge plot points could be used to appeal to a broad readership without using any off-limits details.
- Logan as an Old Man. A very visceral concept. Anyone who knows Wolverine (which is a lot of people in the world by now) knows his physical age is slowed near to the point of immortality. To see him as an old man is shocking and really makes you think.
- Hasn't unsheathed his claws in decades. No matter the reason, he goes from being "the best there is at what he does" to refusing to do it entirely. Hearing that *snikt* again after all that time could be very satisfying.
- Wolverine with a family. It hasn't happened for him yet. And it seems to be all he wants. Never quite happened with Kayla, with Jean nor with Mariko. And it just gives him a great weakness to exploit. We all love Wolvie's revenge stories.
- Wolverine kills his friends in a bloodlusted illusion. Doesn't have to be Mysterio. It can just as easily be Mastermind. And he doesn't have to kill all the X-Men lol. He can kill innocent civilians or something of the like.
- Wolverine and his elderly sidekick [insert hero's name here]. Blind Hawkeye was a great choice for the comic. But there are plenty of mutants to choose from too. Raggedy old Gambit would be my first choice. But there's also Kestrel, Yukio, Colossus? Or someone entirely new.
- Barren badlands-esque setting. US doesn't have to be under supervillain control, but if there was some dystopian nature to the world a hundred years from now it might be kinda cool.

I think it's inane to say that any of those examples couldn't be adapted in some way. I like Old Man Logan a lot. I'd like to see some expression of it on screen.

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