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Default Re: What Happened to ... Wayne Enterprises, the Monorail

This is from the article, The Dark Knight: Grounding Batman

"To everyone's satisfaction, many of the Gotham City geometries that had been built for Batman Begins could be reused for The Dark Knight. One exception was the art deco Wayne Tower, which was completely redesigned for the new movie. "Most of what you see in the finished film is actual Chicago," Franklin adds. "We used visual effects sparingly to extend and enhance the location material only when needed, such as when Chris Nolan wanted to sell the scale of Gotham or when it just wasn't possible to get a plate of a location from the angle needed."

All of the CG assets were completely overhauled, remodeled to higher tolerances and then retextured to hold up to the greater scrutiny of IMAX -- and also to the fact that the new movie featured a lot more daylight photography. The only item that was reused without any modification was the Gotham City Monorail System, as it only played in two shots in the far background."

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