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Default Re: Best Current NFL Player

Originally Posted by WalkingDeadMike View Post
He's led (read: carried) an otherwise mediocre (at best) team to an 11-5 record and a playoff birth in his rookie year. The best Cam has finished in his 2 years is 7-9.
I don't contend that. Luck really led that team to a great record, and he deserves praise. That stated, Carolina easily could have been an 11-5 team this year too. Cam cost his team three wins this season (Seahawks, Bears, Giants) but the defense failed him four times (Chiefs, Falcons, Buccaneers, Cowboys).

Luck may only be completing 54% of his passes, but A) Cam is only completing 4% higher and B) Luck is being asked to throw a whole lot more than Cam. 147 more passes to be exact.
Technically, Cam has been completing 63% of his passes since the second half of the season. Also, Carolina is averaging 5.2 dropped passes a game (top five in the league).

I'll give credit to Luck for playing without a run game too though. However, 54% is not worthy of praise whatsoever.

He seems to be a much better leader to me, also. No foolish celebrations when he's down 20+ points, and he also doesn't mope in the corner of the bench by his lonesome when things aren't going well. Plus, he doesn't throw his coordinator under the bus when he has a bad game.
I'll have to disagree with you there. Luck celebrated a 30+ yard completion when he was down 20 to The Patriots. Granted, it was probably from frustration but he still had a mini celebration. As for the sulking, RG3 was guilty of it as well. Deion Sanders called out his co-anchors when they criticized Cam but not RG3 for it.

Does Cam need to mature as a leader? Yes, but consider this: Steve Smith, Luke Kyechly, Jordan Gross, DeAngelo Williams, Charles Johnson, Greg Olsen and Ron Rivera came out today [after their win over The Saints] and publicly stated that Cam earned the C. His leadership in the final six games was instrumental.

Cam was encouraging the O-Line and Defense all day today. He also lead his offense 85 yards down the field on an injured knee and ankle to seal the win. Good enough for me -- he's improved significantly.

Look, I like Cam, and I think he has the talent to be a superstar in this league. But before he can do that he needs to get his head right.

So at this point in time, Luck is better, IMO. And it's not even close.
Fair enough.

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