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Default Re: Webbing formula - Part 1

Originally Posted by Wadaltmon View Post
Dude, hydrolysis is putting something ionic in water and the ions separating. Usually it is done with an acid to form H30+ and some sort of salt precipitate. So that's not hydrolysis. Cellulose acetate is used in many solutions that have to make glazes, like eye glasses and the stuff they put on the outside of playing cards. I actually know nothing about nano-cellulose except that it is composed of nano-fibers that can be used in inter-locking strength in the formula.
EDIT: Plus, hydrolysis is only in equilibrium reactions, meaning you would have to form a precipitate in order to get the stuff anyway, or make it into a gas. You would have to make one side of the reaction favored in order to do that.
Example of a hydrolysis reaction, using acetic acid with WATER to form the conjugates hydronium and acetate ions.
CH3COOH + H2O ↔ CH3COO− + H3O+
Oh, tanks. BTW what material are you using for tubing and stuff for you shooter, cause I can't find one that won't melt in acetone

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