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Default Re: Batman vs the black Joker thug

Originally Posted by AnneFan View Post
Hehehe yeah. He didn't seem to have any manoeuvre planned, just the jump. Maybe he intended to jump over him and attack from behind...but was instead caught and thrown into steps.
Yes. In fact, that's what happened.

Batman has many times attacked thugs from above in movies and comics, so I don't see the confusion here. When he jumped over Scarecrow's van (in TDK) I didn't know if he had something planned. How could I, through a monologue? I just saw it worked (assuming that it's true that if someone falls on a moving vehicle, it would make it come to a dead stop). In the case of the black Joker thug, he was stronger and faster than Batman thought - which made him a dangerous rival, after Batman seemed to control and outfight every other Joker thug. That doesn't mean he didn't plan anything before jumping.

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