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Default Re: Executioner Casting Thread

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
He certainly is a better actor than Nathan Jones and I can see him as Skurge albeit with a beard because he looks "off" without one.

I'd probably prefer Rory since I'm hoping for Skurge's "last stand", but seeing how short they keep Thor's film idk if it even happens.
Yeah, this is where I'm conflicted. That is such a huge moment for the film, and a defining character moment, that I definitely want to see it given it's due. If they do Surtur as a main villain in this, I could see him sacrificing himself to hold Surtur's forces off towards the end of the film while Thor and family face Surtur himself.

Should that moment be in Skurge's debut film, though? That's why I wish he'd been introduced as a supporting character in the franchise already, so it would have more weight when he turns.

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