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Default Re: The Create-A-Hero RPG Season III OOC Thread - Part 1

Create a Hero RPG SEASON III Application

Character you have created: Officer KeithRobertson

Alias: R.O.C. (Robot Officer Centurion)

Speech Color
Courier New Red (Keith), Orange (R.O.C.)

Character Alignment: Hero

Identity: Secret

Character Personality: Keith Robertson is dedicated to the people he protects and to the LHPD. Duty will almost always override anything including his own safety. If you befriend Keith, he is a friend for life unless you break the law or his trust. Then it would take quite a bit for him to forgive you for the wrongs you have done. He is a gentlemen and a hopeless romantic even though a very few women have given him time of day or night for a date. He has two ‘loves’ in his life, his motorcycle and kickboxing\boxing he has perfected.

Uniform/costume: He looks almost like an ordinary LHPD cop. His top is blue with a badge over his heart area. The legs are black while his arms are grey. His head looks like a blue bike helmet with the front visor.

Origin Info/Details: Keith was an ordinary officer of the bike unit for LHPD. His skills at riding including stunt driving though surpassed anything that the LHPD instructors have ever seen including the professional motorcycle stunt drivers. He has served faithfully for 10 years in the LHPD and 8 years in the bike unit. On one of his days off, he drives around on his Honda bike enjoying the beautiful sunny day. Unknown to him, one of the criminals he put in prison six months ago got out that day and sought revenge. The criminal launched a rocket at Keith but stumbled backwards as it launched. Instead of a direct hit, the rocket landed a few feet in front of Keith. The explosion was enough to send both Keith and the motorcycle flying into the air. Keith landed several yards away onto an empty part of the street. His motorcycle landed in pieces a few feet away. The last thing he saw was someone in white running up to him. He couldn’t feel or sense anything below his neck. When he woke up, he was in some sort of hi-tech room with doctors and others around him. They explained to him that his legs were severally damaged and have several cybernetic implants replacing or helping torn tissue. His upper portion didn’t suffer as much damage with the exception of the damaged spinal column at the base of his neck. To help with the damaged nervous system, the doctors implanted a chip connecting his brain to the rest of his body. If he didn’t have the chip implanted, he would be paralyzed neck down. Even if he did have the chip, his legs were so badly messed up that he would be in a wheel chair if it wasn’t for the cybernetic implants. To prove their point, the doctors had him get up from the table he was on. He was able to walk and do everything he usually done including his kickboxing\boxing mix. All of a sudden, he felt a slight jolt in his neck and back and he fell on the floor not able to move at all. This perplexed him and was told that it was a kill switch in the chip. This appalled him that the doctors would put this kind of safety measure in him. He asked why and a man who he knew quite well stepped into the room. It was his former cycle instructor from the police academy. To Keith’s dismay, the guy said it was his idea to put in the fail safe program. The Special Program director was too concern of Keith falling into the wrongs hands and being used against them if someone found out about the chip and in turn make Keith an unwilling slave by manipulating the chip and his body. The Director knew that Keith’s heart was in the right place and hence why he was selected for this program but they still had to cover their bases. Then the Director turned off the kill program and Keith was able to get back up as if he just slipped. Keith was also told that there was a tracking device installed in him somewhere but wasn’t told where. The Director told Keith that it was a huge gift to give a man who would have been at the mercy of people waiting on him hand and foot the ability to still walk and be independent. Then the Director took Keith on a brief tour of the facilities and the last stop was the garage. There Keith saw the most beautiful machine he ever laid eyes on. The motorcycle was long enough for two people to sit comfortably on it. Then the Director told the machine to activate and the engine revved and all sorts of lights flashed on. It was a bit noisy but then the Director told it to change modes. Keith wondered what that meant but in a second he quickly saw what the Director meant. The bike transformed into a ten foot robot that was black with silver lines going down the arms and outside of its legs with red eyes. There was a badge very similar to the LHPD badge over where its heart should be. Then the Director explained that Keith will become a very unique part of the bike unit and of the LHPD. The robot\bike would be bound to him and him to it.

Hero Type (Select one): Hi-Tech (Hi-techs are characters who use mostly robotic\cybernetic\advanced technology for their powers. Iron Man and Robocop would be well known ones.)

Power Level (Select one below):

2. City Level (Ex. Spider-Man, Cyclops)

NOTE: Having only one or two powers does not automatically make a character a level 2. The levels reflect how powerful the powers themselves are, not only the variety. A level 3 may be more powerful then a level 4. These levels serve to show where your powerful hero operates, as heroes this powerful may be cosmic wonderers or Earth-bound. Also, Game Masters will be wary of approving level 3 or 4 characters. An extremely well-thought out and great sample post will be needed to be approved for a high level character. Your post should be as powerful as your character.

Powers (Be Specific): Keith is a master at kickboxing and regular boxing to the point of being able to mix the two quite well and switch between the two styles without thinking about it. With the enhancements, he can leap ten feet off the ground and run much faster then ordinary human. He has an uncanny ability to “read the road” and drive accordingly which helps him with his extraordinary driving ability. He doesn’t have this as well while driving a car or truck or other enclosed vehicle. His arms didn’t get any real enhancement but still has the speed he developed in his kickboxing and boxing skills. His battle suit is what allows him to connect to R.O.C. and gives him night vision. It also acts like body armor able to withstand most regular bullets and bladed weapons. It would save him from a direct grenade blast but be severally damaged. Keith has a built in communication in his helmet with R.O.C. that extends for ten miles. He can also call anyone he knows up to 5 miles unless he goes through more standard radio towers. The range extends greatly if he is using R.O.C. as his personal tower. Keith can get out of his suit but the cybernetics in his legs are permanent.

R.O.C.: This creation of Special Projects of LHPD has a limited A.I. It can communicate with anyone and has what would be considered average human intelligence. It can connect to any data port on a computer or terminal. The weapons it has on it varies and is very adaptable. Some of the standard weapons are Gatling guns (one each side), rocket launcher (left side), grenade launcher (right side), and carries any small hand held weapons that Keith would want to use. If Keith lays down on his stomach flat onto the seat, R.O.C. can extend the normal windshield all the way down covering Keith’s feet. This would act as a heavy duty shield and also allow them to travel up to 200 MPH on land. However, going this fast would have a tendency to drain power levels if it was for extended duration. R.O.C. is heavily armored in both bike and robot mode. Keith is able to merge with R.O.C. when R.O.C. opens up his chest section. Cables extend out connecting to ports on his legs, arms, small of the back and on the location of the chip. The cables help guide Keith into R.O.C. This unites the two entities like never before allowing both to basically share minds. However, this is also when R.O.C. is most vulnerable if someone got a really good or lucky shot into the hollow before Keith gets in there. If such a shot does happen, it would severally cripple R.O.C. if the ammo was a rocket or a grenade.

Attributes (Select one at each category):

Strength Level: Normal Human (Keith), 80 (R.O.C.)

Speed/Reaction Timing Level: 30 (Keith alone), 50 (R.O.C. form)

Endurance at MAXIMUM Effort: 3 hours

Agility: 5X (Keith and R.O.C.)

Intelligence: Average

Fighting Skill: Mastered (kickboxing\boxing)

Resources: Average

NOTE: Even if all attributes chosen are Normal human when Super-Genius, Mastered, and Extreme are chosen for the final three attributes, this player is a level 3 or 4 character, such as Batman.

Weaknesses The kill switch in his chip would shut him down. R.O.C. requires a 24 hours to fully recharge if drained completely. Once drained, the transformation no longer works and if transformed into robot mode, it would revert to bike mode. The longer that Keith and R.O.C. are connected, the more symbiotic the relationship becomes including sharing pain even though that is more on Keith’s side then R.O.C. If something major happens to either one, it would incapacitate Keith and would put R.O.C. into protect and rescue mode only to get Keith out of whatever mortal danger is threatening his life. This could put R.O.C. into dangerous situations that it would normally be able to handle but ignore or handle poorly. EPG are very dangerous to R.O.C. and Keith since their systems haven’t been modified yet to withstand them.

Supporting Characters: LHPD

List a few reasons why you've created that character: This character has been in the back of my mind for ages and have yet to see light of paper in my view point. As far as I know, there isn’t any character like this in this RPG.

What can you bring to the RPG?: If allowed, a new hero type for power origins.

Do you know how to post pictures on the hype boards?: yes

Sample Post (Minimum Four paragraphs containing dialogue):
It was Monday and Keith was on his usual patrol on R.O.C. It was still strange being what he was now. He was glad to still be alive and able to serve the LHPD and in somewhat of his former capacity but being a cyborg was odd. He was thankful that he really didn’t have much of a social life and not too close to his family who so happen to be across country. As he was driving, he noticed a car parked illegally. Usually he didn’t give out parking citations but he was still technically able to so he started filling out the ticket. As he was almost done with it, he looked up when R.O.C. alerted him to odd looking men coming out of a bank a block away. Upon further examination, it became very clear they just got done robbing the bank. The group of five guys came running at him and to his surprise started shooting at his direction. Keith dropped to the ground forgetting that his new suit could withstand the small caliber rounds they were shooting.

“Do you want me to shoot at them or launch something?”

“No, ROC, we don’t want to kill them. Let me see what I can do. Give me the .45mm that you have. I do prefer the smaller weapons but the Director thinks I need a bigger gun now. One thing that my martial training had taught me is that it isn’t how big you are but knowing to use what you do have.”

R.O.C. gently launches out the gun next to Keith. He then stands up pointing his gun at the five men who were almost on top of them. They laugh as they point their assault rifles and shotguns at him.

“What does a lone bike cop expect to do? It is five against one and we have the bigger guns. You might as well drop the gun and we might let you live. If not, it is your funeral.”

“I’ve came close to dying once. It wasn’t fun but I doubt you five will be putting me that close again.”

“Oh look, we have a funny one here. Maybe he is a comedian on his off days. I hope it pays better then the cop job because it may be all he has left when we are done with him.”

With a quick jerk of his left hand, Keith shoots the back passenger tire shredding the tire, damaging the wheel and cutting the brake line causing brake fluid to ooze out. The car quickly dropped onto the now destroyed tire with a loud crunch causing more damage to back wheel. He then ducks expecting to be shot at and lunges at the center guy. To his surprise, the five thugs were too shocked at his action and also cussed him out at damaging their getaway car that he was able to take down the middle guy with ease. Keith then tossed his gun back at R.O.C.’s general direction letting the gun slide next to the front wheel. Keith then started on the other four by kicking one in the gut with his left leg causing that one to drop automatically. The next target he grabbed the gun and butted it against the thug’s head knocking him out. The two remaining thugs still being in shock did not dare fire in such close corners. This hesitation is all Keith needed to extend his arms fully out and hitting both in the face giving them an early afternoon nap. By the time he walked back over to pick up his gun, he heard sirens coming down from the bank. He waved a couple of the cars over to himself and they arrested the five men. Keith got onto R.O.C. and continued his usual patrol.

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