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Default Re: The Create-A-Hero RPG Season III OOC Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Erin View Post
Unfortunately, I think most of the characters who began the season are now AWOL. If you want to catch up on what's happening, I'd suggest skipping ahead to...oh, probably page 18 or so?

Or you could read the handy-dandy sum-up I am about to write. Ready? Okay, go!:

Basically, the government organization STRIKE is out to subdue the metahuman "threat." Led by Alexander Anderson, STRIKE has launched a campaign against the metahuman population, using propaganda and forced violence to turn public opinion against the mutants, and specifically the Guardians - the group of metas responsible for saving the world from alien invasion last season.

With resentment growing in the court of public opinion, Anderson has now stepped up his attack, turning squadrons of meta-fighting androids loose on the city with the apparent goal of detaining trouble-making metas and keeping the streets safe for everyone else.

Meanwhile, in the biochemical research labs deep in the belly of STRIKE's headquarters, the ambitious sociopath Dr. Teufel and the misguided but well-meaning Dr. Walter Kennedy are barreling down on a discovery that will change the game for everyone. Using results attained from Kennedy's research with the meta now known as Pinup, the pair are perilously close to reproducing metahuman powers. After several botched attempts at creating a stable mutation, Teufel is desperate for positive results, and believes Kennedy's research may hold the key.

The Guardians, the heroes of the story, have recently assembled at their own headquarters, where an all-night siege by STRIKE gave way to dissent among the ranks. Michael, the painter turned archangel and his friend Matt - AKA the Blue Blur, have had a disagreement that has left their friendship on rocky ground. Michael has sought comfort in the arms of Flux, an alien heroine who usually resides in California. He has recently received news he will be going to hell to stop the apocalypse. It is uncertain yet if a hand basket will indeed be involved.

Kensei is somewhere in the headquarters, no doubt doing something zen. Starlight is also somewhere, though the zenness of her actions is not as certain.

Icon is returning from Japan, where he conveniently spent time re-routing lava flow from a volcanic eruption long enough for Nitemare Shape to get some serious party-time in on his vacation to California. After revealing his alter-ego Scott Morse to the Guardians, he finds himself caught between his feelings for his girlfriend Keira, and his need to help Pinup, a former medical research assistant who got her powers from a self-injected serum in the 1940s, and whose DNA is currently being studied by STRIKE through the help of her former friend and colleague Dr. Kennedy. Keira doesn't trust Pinup, who is still learning to master her dangerous psychic ability, and accidentally attacked Scott's nightclub The Hub, where Keira was performing.

In the most recent Icon post, Anderson has waylaid Icon on his way back from Japan, saying he needs to talk to him. I'm not sure what they're talking about, but it's unlikely Anderson wants to set him up on any blind dates.

After a blowup between Pinup and the socially awkward (and currently malodorous) Vigilante, the ageless heroine left the safety of the Guardians HQ, in hopes of finding her car. She succeeded not only in finding her car, but also running in to two of Anderson's brand new droids. Conveniently, driven by guilt and quite possibly one of Chekov's guns, Vigilante has decided to trail her, accompanied by the Youngster for backup. Stepping in on the confrontation between Pinup and the droids, the pair have managed to destroy one droid. Unfortunately, Vigilante has also managed to injure Pinup (are we entirely sure it was accidental?)

And I *believe* that should get you caught up on the main arc. There are also a few new characters who are searching to be included into the main arc, and I'm not sure anyone has gotten a hold of them.

So Swarm, Acrobat, Sumo, and anyone else I may have neglected - if you're still interested in getting in to the main plot, feel free to give any of the players a shout, and we'll figure out the best way to get you involved. Right? Right! Now I better hop to and write a post IC.

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