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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 1

It is incredibly naive to think that some or many terrorist leaders in our world aren't very close to stereotypes. Not all, but some of them. And a muslim terrorist leader that supports chinese iconography isn't exactly a stereotype, not that I know of. Besides, Iron Man 1 wasn't much different in the muslim terrorism respect so where's the "ton of moral outrage" on that one?

Also, how is this supposed to be a big deal when there are a lot worse stereotypes of Russian bad guys still in films today, but there's no "ton of moral outrage" on that one? I'm sure there are few guys complainging about it in blogs, but really, is there a ton of outrage?

For my last point: if the original Mandarin was more of a stereotype of the events in 60's, a thing of the past, and the muslim stereotype is more relevant to us now, it would've been better ok to do something close to the comic book chinese version right? If you think that making a Chinese guy that supports iconography of his own country and does a little karate/kung fu would be making an unacceptable stereotype that everyone would rally over then you really need to wake up and stop grasping at straws just to defend this movie to death

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