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Default Re: Bat-Character Costumes for a High School Stage Play

Responding to an inquiry:

The next costume to be created for this stage play is going to be THE RIDDLER.

All items required to assemble together this costume have been ordered and have either been delivered or en-route.

This will be the green tights-wearing version of the Riddler, but wearing the bowler derby hat. Custom-made face mask, gauntlets and wide belt will be made in purple leather.

First Riddler costume fitting with High school actor scheduled for a few weeks from now. Photos to come. Stay tuned!

***UPDATE 8/27/12***

Months ago, when I first began to develop The Riddler’s costume, it was suggested to me that I could go with a simple, inexpensive Zentai unitard (from China) with basic silk-screened question marks for The Riddler's costume. But I quickly rejected that idea based on what I really imagined for this character's costume:

1) Firstly, I did NOT want The Riddler's tights to be a single piece, scoop neck unitard (as in Jim carrey's costume in "Batman Forever"). I felt that this would be overly plain an un-interesting.

In the tradition of Frank Gorshin's costume from the 1966 Batman TV series, I was of the opinion that the uniform would look better and richer as a two-piece ensemble with a turtle-neck. The mid-body break-up created by the seams around the leg openings and the big Purple waist belt give the costume visual interest. However, (unlike Gorshin's costume) I wanted question marks covering the entire costume... not just a single large mark on his chest and a line of marks down the sides of his legs.

2) Secondly, the tendency with a Zentai single piece unitard Riddler costume from China is that the question marks are all silk-screened in a random pattern... even upside down (just like the "Forever" costume). The graphics do NOT conform to any particular logic. It is almost as if the raw fabric is silkscreened with the random question marks PRIOR to the fabric being cut and sewn into the unitard garment. This was NOT the approach I wanted.

In the comics, The Riddler’s costume question marks are ALWAYS viewable as right-side-up... even if they are a bit skewed. This is the pattern I wanted to follow.

3) Thirdly, it was important to me that there be a single DOMINANT, larger question mark on the upper chest and back (just like in the comics).

4) Fourth, there was the consideration of the FONT of the question marks: I wanted the question marks (regardless of size) to all be ONE FONT, and I wanted a font that seemed classical and sophisticated... not just plain and basic. After some research, I selected a font known as “Tiffany” for this costume.

All of these guidelines meant that I had to select a suitable Kelly Green 4-way stretch spandex, and then fashion the plain green leotard and leggings garments through my local body suit supplier:

On Stage Dancewear
197 Madison Ave (bet 34 & 35 St)
New York, NY. 10016

Afterward, I ordered some special nylon-based iron-on question marks (in various sizes and in the font of my choice), and attached them one at a time to the garment.

It was long and tedious work. But in the end, the final effect on the finished costume was definitely worth the effort.

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