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Default Re: Bat-Character Costumes for a High School Stage Play


Beginning his first year of college in the fall, This young man was generous enough to once again spend his evening dressed in cape and cowl. He proved once again tonight that HE is the one and only Batman for our upcoming stage play!

Here, The Batman responds to the call of the Bat-Signal being shined against the side of a building.

We had GREAT fun projecting the Bat-Signal on the face of the building behind the Batman. We used an old slide projector and a specially-prepared slide. The effect was brilliant and we attracted the attention of quite a few neighbors!

I also made a few upgrades to the Bat-suit since our original costume fittings back in February. I have changed the caninister vials on the utility belt into thicker and larger ones. I felt the first ones were far too thin.

Also, I have decided that I do NOT want to see the actor's eyes through the eye openings in the cowl, so I have added mirrored safety goggles underneath. The effect is STUNNING when light catches it just the right way.

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