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Default Re: Bat-Character Costumes for a High School Stage Play

Originally Posted by jonnywhc View Post
Ow a Christmas release!

I'm no expert but shouldn't you be able to get some sort of grant for this?

You could also make a pretty badass teaser trailer to drum up interest with just what you've got at the moment, imo.

The Performing Arts school that I work for has not offered to subsidize any of the cost of this play up until now. Since the subject matter is not Shakespearean or "classic" (read: old and boring), and since the subject matter makes partial reference to "juvenile" contemporary comic book characters, no "educational value" is seen by the Board of Education.

Furthermore, there is sometimes a bit of a hesitation to produce something like this within the school system because of the fear of lawsuit from parents. You see, these are comic book characters who wear form-fitting spandex costumes. And the climate in the D.O.E. is to be very wary of anything that could conceivably show kids in a sexual light.

Meanwhile the dance Department at our school still puts on recitals with other students who are wearing virtually the SAME TYPE OF (dance) GARMENTS that I am using to costume Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Riddler, Harley Quinn, etc. I know this because some of the costume body suits I commissioned for this play were purchased from a dance apparel manufacturer.

It is really dumb. THAT is how the Department of Education works. The main focus is NOT educating and inspiring these kids. It is avoiding lawsuit. The rooftop photo shoot I conducted this weekend with my students would be SO FROWNED UPON by administrators if the students I was working with were actually from my school... which they are NOT (one has graduated, one has transferred to another school, and the third is from a different school).

The reality is any financial contribution from the D.O.E toward this play gives them partial creative control over the final product, and I am NOT very comfortable with that. Before I knew it, I'd find myself "editing" my ideas and dialogue just to conform to the D.O.E.'s paranoia as I wrote the script. I'd suddenly find myself re-designing Robin's classic costume since his legs appear to be bare, and that might make someone uncomfortable or nervous... It just gets endlessly frustrating.

Meanwhile, the students who are working with me on this play are INFINITELY more engaged, motivated, excited, and hard-working than any of the other students working on any of the more "recognized" works of the school system.

Furthermore, since this is a play about the BRONX cartoonist and writer team of Bob Kane and Bill Finger, there is a significant connection to my students, most of whom are from The Bronx as well.

I am certainly going to do my best to push our Principal to write a grant proposal to secure some funds for this production, but if it doesn't happen I am certainly happy to do some grass-roots fund-raising instead. Our Principal is aware of this production and he is supportive, but he is also an Administrator who has other people higher up in the Board of Education to answer to.

This new series of "glamor" action photos that I shot this weekend are part of a portfolio of Production Stills that I plan to use for fund-raising and promotion. There will be more photos of this type in the coming weeks.

The idea of a promotional teaser trailer has been kicked around, and we are looking into that now. But admittedly that is going to be difficult. Even something as small as a teaser will cost me money that I simply do not have at the moment.

So far, I have funded EVERYTHING directly out of my own pocket for my students. These costumes have now cost me upwards of $8000 to design and create... and that's with ME doing most of the work personally. And we still have The Joker and The Penguin to cast and costume. And then we have to build our sets...

But I'm tenacious! And I'm plugging away. One way or other, this stage play will happen!

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