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Default Re: Official WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN Discussion Thread

I'm not sure if I'm enjoying this or not. It might be that I'm enjoying a book that finally has Iceman front and centre and doing what we've known he can do since about 1994. It might that it's a school rather than a military fortress.
But I don't think I like the multiplatform, crazy floating "look at our beacon of sentinel attacks" design of the new school, I don't think I like that on the recap page, half the student body depicted were actually aliens rather than Earth born mutants. And I know I hate the new Hellfire Club - should that Frankenstein kid not have been listed in the Intelligentica's list if he's shrinking and growing genetically modified supersoldiers? Now that's just whipping up whatever insanely crazy stuperweapon your mind can think of the give Bachalo something even more random to draw. I mean, I like the guy's style; but sometimes I really cannot tell what is happening in a panel. He might just try to cram too much into one panel, and because he crams so many panels onto one page at times, a postage stamp ends up trying to show us fifteen students hiding behind Kitty while she dodges a hail of rocks by turning intangible while simultaneously talking on the radio to Hank with speech balloons containing an impossible to fit but somehow manages it 50 words...

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