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Default Re: Don't Hate The Hater, Hate The Hate! - Part 13

Originally Posted by PyroChamber View Post
I only cook on my days off, which is 2 a week, half of the stuff I buy is meats, vegetables, fruits, pasta, eggs and stuff like that which tends to last a bit longer. The other half is usually "fast foods" like anything that's microwavable or just snacks like cookies, chips, etc.

The problem is I never have time to cook before work, therefore when I get home late at night the fast stuff is right there for the taking. And I try not to go through it quickly, but as soon as I get home (even if I eat at work) I'm hungry right away.
One thing that helps me is to cook a couple meals at once. Tomorrow night for instance, I'll cook something to eat for that next morning and something to take to work or have when I get back home. Today I roasted a couple sweet potatoes at one time so I'd have them throughout the day.

And yeah, I'm bad too about going for the snacks and not feeling like cooking when I haven't eaten in over a few hours. Only thing that helps me there is to just not have those types of food in the house and that forces me to cook something. I usually make some variation of scrambled eggs then, doesn't take long to cook 'em.

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