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Default Re: GOTHAM CITY Design.

Originally Posted by hafizbat View Post
His Metropolis was rather disappointing...But his New York in Watchmen was sublime. Perhaps he does the dark, gritty, gothic city better than a sprawling, new age metropolis?

Or it could be that Larry Fong is the one behind it.
We didn't see the city good enough. First everybody was in panic due to the invasion. Second most of all the buildings were empty and they didn't make the city shine. Not to mention we only saw a few hints of the city. But you know part of the city was destroyed and it will be some modifications done by Lexcorp. Although I have to admit the Metropolis city gave me a real world vibe and I liked it. I wouldn't mind some improvements.
I think Snyder's is the man who says and draws smth then tell the people in charge how to do it or that they give him some concepts Then the final product is completed.
BTW Larry Fong is working in this, if you haven't known. So I expect some cool things.


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