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Default Re: Do you think The Wolverine could be the best 2013 superhero film?

The Wolverine (especially the uncut version) is one of the best superhero films ever made, and by default, one of the most underrated.

The biggest complaint is that the last act goes off the rails with CGI and silliness. I just don't see it. As far as fully CGI creations go, the Silver Samurai is pretty low key in execution. Yeah, I can't lie and say I would have preferred it if he was simply in a kick-ass Samurai outfit like the comics, but the suit matches the themes of the film and the character at least. It's not just a big 10ft mech for the sake of having a big 10ft mech.

And while the CGI kinda clashes with the more ground look of the film, the last act itself retains the same tone of the first two. So while I get a feeling the last fight is a little off to a degree, I simply can't see how people find it to be so over the top like they proclaim. The way some people go on about, you'd think the film went full Transformers of something. Also, I don't find much more jarring or OTT than the train fight.

For me, The Wolverine is one of the best examples of a comic book film not feeling overtly like a comic book film in the best way possible. It's mostly low-key, gritty, character driven and grounded. Yet at the same time, it's understanding of the character and the source material keep it firmly planted in the comics so it never feels like a standard action thriller dressed up like a comic book film (coughcoughTheDarkKnightcoughcough).

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