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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique. Introducing this sexy and talented actress.

Originally Posted by Mrs Vimes View Post
That would explain it from Mystique's point of view, but it wouldn't explain why there was no concern or any hint of a past relationship on Charles' part. I can't believe that he would just completely forget about Raven's existence when he still wouldn't cut off Erik after everything Erik had done. Even if Charles accepted that Raven was gone from his life and didn't try to contact her or anything I'd still expect something from him.
Well, it's not perfect but at least it's an acceptable solution. Because I can see Charles trying to contact her over and over in the next 30 years or so, to no avail, until he accepts that there's nothing else he can do - or at least he has to learn to live in a new reality in which Raven isn't part of his life anymore, that she's gone forever.

And maybe there are moments in the triolgy that we never got to see, when Charles is looking longingly at an old photo of a blond girl and his younger self.

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