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Default Re: What we know about Thor 2 from the Avengers...

Originally Posted by L0ngsh0t View Post
This is a really cool idea. I think a really cool way to evolve your idea might be:

Enchantress says the payment is Loki as the price Thanos has put on his head is so high she would require no other payment. Thor asks if there is any other way and she says if he can retrieve one of the Infinity Gems for her the payment will be considered fullfilled, but if he can't get one in a matter of time the Excecutioner will take Loki to Thanos.

So Thor, Loki, Excecutioner and maybe Jane Foster (her ability to read star maps gets her into the story) set out on a dangerous quest throughout the Nine Realms to find an infinity gem.

For sake of story Enchantress requests the one that lets you control the dead and once she gets it she creates an army of undead to take over Asgard.

I dunno something along this line could be interesting....and it would intro the Infinity Gems for Avengers 2
I like the idea of them going on a quest for an Infinity Gem. It would tie in well with what TA has established. Though I'd prefer if more than just Thor, Skurge, Loki, and Jane went on the quest. I'd like to see Amora, Sif, and the Warriors Three go along, too. Basically it'd be like a fantasy adventure epic. Or maybe just Sif comes along (I expect there'll be some romantic tension between her, Thor, and Jane) while the Warriors Three stay behind in Asgard to keep an eye on things there.

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