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Default Re: What we know about Thor 2 from the Avengers...

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
When they fought in the comics Thanos wasn't even able to faze Odin, I'd say that qualifies him as being nowhere near him.

Regardless, everyone knows that if anyone kills Odin it should be his mortal enemy a.k.a "Surtur" not Thanos.
He didn't stay down. And since then he has gotten upgrades I think. I think.

So now I see it more as Odin>>Thanos, opposed to Odin>>>>>Thanos

I do agree with Surtur. But the only reason I say have Thanos kill him, is cause I can almost see Surtur being used for 3. And if Odin dies in 3, and Thor inherits the Odinforce, there really won't be another film for him to use it. Thats why I wouldn't mind having Thanos kill a weakened Odin in 2 for the IG (since most likely we wont see Surtur in 2), and then have a WHOLE OTHER movie where Thor can have, and try to master the Odinforce

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