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Default Re: Stand Alone & Spin-Off Star Wars movies...what would you like to see get made?

Originally Posted by Jedi-Spirit View Post
You have seen all the movies, yes? That's all they do is visit new, sure there is a story, but the locations are hugely important to how it's told.

You won't see anyway Star Wars movie without the characters going to & fro on other worlds to solve the story conflicts...
It's not Star Wars though, it's a spin off movie. The way Revenge of the Sith ended was supposed to directly correlate with his introduction in A New Hope. It pays homage to the old Westerns, where the hero may have been defeated and walks away into the sunset. He dons his hood and turns away into the harsh desert of Tattoine. Then in a New hope, his hood is finally removed and we see the old man our hero has become, being beckoned for one more journey. Obi-Wan's character was one of the few things OT and PT can agree was done well, they should start screwing around with it too much.

Theres enough of a story to tell they wouldn't need to have him running about. Theres the Hutts, the Sarlacc Pit, the scum and slave traders thriving in the cities, the Sand People, Krayt Dragons, how Owen refused Luke learn the ways of the force, how Qui-Gon teaches him the way of immortality, and how Ben Kenobi establishes himself in the desert. Theres pleanty of Star Warsy things on this planet, and given that it's just a spin off, theres no reason it can't be different.

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