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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
You said it right Anno - BB is the origin story. The first chapter to an even bigger scope/picture.
Oh, of course it's the origin film, but the idea that the film is far different from both TDK and TDKR, even if all three films revolve around the same themes and the LoS returns(in TDKR), BB still feels very different. I remember when someone even mentioned on these forums if Batman Begins should have been named something else to make sense with the 'Dark Knight' theme even, lol.

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
And that's strange to me. In my opinion, BB is the best of the trilogy.
There is also another idea, which is what you and kedrell has just mentioned...BB can be viewed as the best as well while some say BB is the only good film of the trilogy because they don't like how Christopher Nolan added so many hats into the following two sequels and it didn't feel like a "superhero" flick as much as BB does to them.

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
There are a few things wrong with this movie that I just can't find myself taking the time out to go by the dvd.
1. Too Long. When you make a film that long there is now way the pacing should be that awful. It's some of the worst I've seen.
2. It's boring. Why buy it when I can just watch my favorite parts on youtube? I don't care enough about this film to buy it for the scenes I can't see on youtube.
3. It's just not that entertaining. I've seen this movie maybe 3 times in full and I have no desires to ever sit down and watch it again.
4. It had nothing to do with a drop off from TDK. I thought TDK was a drop off from begins but those two movies were paced 10 times better even if the bane vs batman fight in the sewers was great. The dialogue in this movie would put a lesser man to sleep.
5. After a while if you have seen one Nolan film, you've seen them all. I always prefer story over action but my goodness this is supposed to be a summer blockbuster and all we ever hear is talking. Jeez, at least in TDK it was broken up with some sort of action. This movie action was cheesy and boring. The extras were horrible in this movie as well.
6. The side characters were a lot lamer this time around. How do you just come out of nowhere and give Blake what felt like just as much time as Batman? For the last movie can we please get some Batman in it Nolan! Is that too much to ask. We get what like 4 scenes?
7. 20 bucks. You expect me to pay 20 bucks for this. No way, it's not happening. Personally I will probably never buy another dvd again with the way technology is progressing especially for this.
8. They really dropped the ball with the 8 years. I mean right away to start the movie you're falling asleep like can we please get batman. No one really cares why he is out just put on the suit. I mean for the last in the trilogy we really have to wait 45 minutes to just watch batman ride on his motorcycle? Lame
You could have really mentioned these in less than eight points.

But, "put a lesser man to sleep"? What did that mean?

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
1. Fanboys turn on EVERYTHING after the newness wears off.

2. The trilogy is over, so it's time to psyche themselves up for the new toy in the distance by crapping on the old one they're tired of playing with.

3. It is honestly inferior to TDK (some would also say BB, though I think that is open to debate) and thus if it's not as good as the best, it must be the worst in simplistic Internet terms.

4. In the wake of Avengers, the new fan favorite style is bright, colorful and super-duper faithful with universe/world building inner-connective content. Just like around 2005-2010, Nolan's "dark and gritty" style was the fad of choice.

5. People are just bored.

There are some reasons.
The ironic thing is we won't be seeing the bold much outside of the MCU when looking at the Spidey reboot as well as Man of Steel.

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