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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Originally Posted by MagnarTheGreat View Post
I'll reiterate what I said a few months ago.

I think most people have simply moved on with their lives. A greater number of people that liked the movie have moved on with their lives than the people that did not like the movie.
Yeah.. I agree..
Many of my friends in the office and sport club (most of them are non comic book readers) who like this movie. Even many of them prefer TDKR than the Avengers, Looper, or Skyfall as the best of 2012. I think the phenomenon of 'Hatred towards TDKR' is just going on the internet and made ​​by the same people. Same people, who are very active on the internet, write comments everywhere (here,, etc). There seems to be a great hatred. But if you want to look further, there is many more people who think TDKR is a good movie. But people like this has moved on, and won't waste their time to write their reasons for loving TDKR in every forums, sites on the internet.

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