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Default Re: The Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen user review thread

Originally Posted by J.Howlett View Post
Who ever has seen the film, could you please answer these questions posed by Devin over at CHUD. I kind of find them hilarious:

- What/who is the Fallen getting revenge on?

- Why can only Optimus Prime kill The Fallen (since he's a Prime as well) but three Decepticons can kill Optimus?

- Why did the Fallen wait 3000 years to find the Matrix of Leadership, which was about three miles from the sun destroying machine?

- How does Jetfire open the back door of the Smithsonian and end up in California? How does Jetfire teleport Sam, Mikaela, the new roommate, John Turturro and Wheelie but have Bumblebee and the Twins show up in Egypt with them? Since when could the Transformers teleport at will?
See, Michael Bay tried to distract you by showing you Megan Fox's body to cover up the holes of his plot (if there is any) but you beat him.

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