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Default Re: The Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen user review thread

Just got out of the film for a second time, better second time around.

Originally Posted by Orb View Post
How was Fallen and what did he do?
Fallen was pretty awesome. He came to earth 100's of years ago and tried to wipe out the human race for the sun. Primes would use a machine to drain suns energy into energon. But only planets with no life so the sun missing would not kill anyone. The Fallen betrayed his brothers when he tried to take the suns energy.
Originally Posted by The Chibi Kiriyama View Post
My only question is "How much of this makes sense?" In the first film, there were a lot of convenient plot twist, like the spiel with Megatron's navigational system and how the All Spark worked, and some weird things like the Bat/Trans-Signal and- again- how the All Spark worked. Is it more of the same or does this movie go for less MacGuffins?
Makes more sense then the first. More of a bigger story, but is told well.

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